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Limmud Moscow 2019!

Limmud Moscow project founded by Limmud FSU.

In 2006 Limmud FSU founders Chaim Chesler (Israel), Sandra Cahn (USA) and Mikhail Chlenov (Russia) brought the idea of Limmud to FSU and pilot Limmud FSU event took place on May, 14th in Moscow. A group of young Moscow Jews founded Limmud FSU Moscow organizing committee and started to work on the community-building model of Limmud.

They organized first Limmud Moscow Conference in April 2007 and since then Limmud became an important event in the calendar of many Moscow Jews. Soon we  will open registration for the 13 Limmud Moscow Conference which take place in “Klyazma” resort place near Moscow on April 11-14, 2019.

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На конференции
Лимуд Москва 2019

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конференцию Лимуд Москва 2019

Цифра внизу баннера отражает реальный дефицит бюджета на текущий момент. Мы изо всех сил стремимся к обнулению этого счетчика и будем признательны Вам за пожертвование любого размера.

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